There are few things on earth that are lovelier than Providence in autumn. The many-hued fall foliage is breathtaking, and there's a particular crisp scent in the air that you won't find anywhere else. Sure, all of the leaf fall that comes with the season can be a bit of a chore to clean up. But before you rake them all up into neat little piles and break out the Hefty lawn and leaf bags to dispose of the autumn scented multicolored mess, consider the potential curb appeal you'll be tossing away. Curb appeal? Few people associate the words “curb appeal” with messy autumn leaves, and that's a shame. The same qualities that lend those colorful, delicate leaves their beauty while they're still firmly attached to the tree make them equally beautiful even after they've fluttered lazily to the ground (or been blown there by a sudden autumn gust). So before you toss your autumn leaves to the curb (but only after the kids and the dog have spent a fun afternoon jumping into all of your now not-so-neat leaf piles), consider hanging onto a pile or two to enhance your home's curb appeal. Here are some ideas:                     But I'm selling my house! I must rake them all up and disappear them from my property immediately! If your home is going to be on the market this autumn, then it is especially important that you enhance your curb appeal. And lovely autumn leaves can do just that. Why not adorn your front door with a wreath made from dried autumn leaves? Why not dress up your door frame with a decorative leaf swag? If you're really ambitious, you can find a rustic-looking wheelbarrow and park it on your front porch filled with colorful autumn leaves and pumpkins. Using fall leaves to make a statement in your home's entryway will add instant autumn curb appeal. Far from turning off potential buyers, adding this sort of seasonal touch to your décor can be a great selling point. After all, chances are many buyers are attracted to Providence in autumn because of our beautiful fall foliage. Check out Pinterest for great fall outdoor decorating ideas, or pick up a copy of your favorite design magazine the next time you’re at the grocery store.


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