One of the most popular home decor trends right now is to reuse old wood furniture.   Painted furniture can make your used furniture look brand new, and most of all, it's easy on your wallet. Whether you're into the Southern-style distressed look, or city-dwelling socialite, painted furniture goes with almost anything. Here's a quick look at what's currently trending in painting techniques:

1. The distressed look


Distressed furniture is no longer a trend but a style that's here to stay. The reason being is that it's so versatile. You can choose to go southern, shabby chic or rustic. Not only will it transform a room completely, but the look is also easy to accomplish and won't require extra dollars to get it done. For one, you can start with tools that you already have around the house. Take a hammer or nails to scratch the edges. A more common method is to use sandpaper for a less harsher look. Using sandpaper allows you to reveal the natural wood below the paint surface or even another layer of color.


Multi-color distressing adds another dimension to your technique and allows you to use leftover paint lying around the garage.

Here's a great step-by-step article on how to distress your wood furniture.

2. Spray paint



One of the issues many of us deal with is the fact that finding good quality furniture at an affordable price is so hard to do nowadays. Wood furniture just isn't produced the same way. They are less sturdy, made with cheaper materials and are often wonky. In short, you're trading style for quality. The GREAT advantage you have by reusing old furniture is that you don't have to substitute quality for style. If the look is outdated, then spray paint it! Think about it: Any furniture that has lasted for so long without losing its limbs was probably built with a solid foundation. centsational


You can achieve a really nice flat matte finish with spray paint. Best of all, you can spray paint hardware as well. It'll dress up the accessories of your furniture piece.  Here's a tutorial  post on how to use spray paint on your furniture.

3. Chalk paint


Chalk paint (not chalkboard paint) has been one of the most popular home project materials since 2012. Those who favor shabby chic, French-inspired vintage looks love chalk paint. Why?  This particular style utilizes the distressed techniques we mentioned earlier. Combine it with an aged finish and you've created an amazing vintage-inspired piece.



Chalk paint is forgiving, it's meant to be distressed and a pop of color goes a long way. The possibilities are endless. And cheap. Here are two great videos on how to apply chalk paint to your furniture.


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