For everyone living the northeast this winter, I have three words for you: it will end. Hopefully sooner than we think. 2015 will be marked for having one of the most brutal winters in decades. Just endless piles of snow upon snow, upon snow, upon snow, well, you get the idea... So hear me one more time, it will end. Although spring cleaning may happen later than we planned, there are still ways to de-stress and  improve air quality in your home. Investing in house plants is the most functional and natural way to bring back the spring season. Not only will houseplants remove harmful pollutants that have accumulated all winter long, but they provide a sense of hope that springtime will finally come--a time we're all looking forward to. Houseplants vary, from de-stressing the  home, to houseplants that are best for purifying stagnant air. Here are a few options to consider (all available at Home Depot):  

An easy-to-care plant for the home and office

Plant-1 For those looking for a plant that is easy to take care of, then try the Dieffenbachia Camille by Delray Plants. This plant is very popular for their large, colorful leaves. They are also considered a good plant for the home because they grow quickly and can  help purify the air by removing surrounding toxins.

Add elegance and beauty to any well-lit room

plant-2 The Delray Plants boston fern is a type of plant that helps create an environment that is elegant  and soothing. A  hanging fern add a pop of healthy green. Its lush leaves will grow exponentially with good lighting, giving off a feeling of abundance. Ferns are designer plants as they add bold texture to any home decor. A small expense with a lot of presence.

Bring paradise to  you

Plant-3 Large tropical houseplants such as the palm or ladyfingers will add an air of vibrance to your space. These plants will help anyone shake off their winter blues. Exotic plants add texture and act as a living humidifier. Palm trees, in particular, are very effective in removing toxins from the air (benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene). Not sure what to add to that empty corner of that room? Go for something like a palm tree.

For those who appreciate dry flower arrangements

plant-4   Not time to water your plants? No problem. An alternative  way to add plants to your home is to get  dry ones. They can be a beautiful way to preserve the work you've done in your garden, or preserve a gift from a beloved someone. All in all, preserving summer flowers is, dare we say, quite poetic. Here's how to do it.  

Create  an explosion of color with blooming orchids

plant-5   Orchids are one of those archetypal plants representing the spring season. These flowers create an explosion of color, and it's a show worth waiting for.   A spectacular display right on your work desk. Taking care of orchids require a bit of know-how.  

Move  your wintertime escape indoors with bougainvillea's 

plant-6   Yes, what you are seeing is correct. These bougainvillea's are outdoors and in bright sun light. Trust me when I say that you can bring these beautiful shades of fuchsia indoors and pot them. Healthfully. Bougainvillea's are very easy to grow and they spread like wildfire. Just set them near a window with a ton of sunlight. If you're worried about growing them during the fall and winter, have a bit of patience  because bougainvillea's  are able to bloom year-round. Keep in mind that these plants climb, and requires excellent drainage. If you'd like to learn more about growing bougainvillea's indoors, check out this article.


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