Has the relocation of I-195 opened up a new future for real estate development in Providence? This $620 million-plus highway relocation project has gathered both planners and developers to come up with ways to utilize the 19 acres of the former highway, an initiative called The Link Project, owned by the I-195 Redevelopment District Commission. The Link Project: Bridging the past, present and future This project aims to connect old neighborhoods once divided by the construction of I-195 downtown route several decades ago. Sure, it's a developer's dream, but the question remains: What are the plans to use this prime downtown real estate as an investment for our state's economy? At first glance, the costs of the relocation project appear staggering, yet offers the City a once-in-a-generation chance to rethink how Downtown should look and feel. New forms of public transportation will play a major role in re-shaping this vitally important area of our city and will inform how the development of these parcels will ultimately transform our cityscape and economy. Still, we should be thinking of ways our city may benefit from the reclaimed land. Planners have agreed to sidestep potential offerings from private developers, such as Brown University, who has shown interest. There are One thing is for sure, we're saying goodbye to concrete and hopefully saying hello to parks, new businesses and waterfront walkways. Click here to view a map of the available parcels.


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