providence-nursing Rhode Island’s economy continues to diversify into a range of industries. One of the best sectors to work in this state is nursing. A recent study from WalletHub ranked Rhode Island as the 19th best state for nurses. The findings were determined by comparing opportunity, competition, and work environment across all fifty states and Rhode Island ranked very high for being such a small state.

The Breakdown Of Rhode Island’s Ranking

Using a collection of data from the US Census, the American Nursing Association, and other independent sources, WalletHub determined their rankings. After assessing the data, WalletHub ranked Rhode Island as 43rd for opportunity and competition. Though this low ranking means that nurses face a lot of local market competition for their jobs, it’s great news for the residents of the state of Rhode Island. This ranking means that there are plenty of nurses available to provide care for the residents. On the other hand, Rhode Island was ranked an impressive 4th in the nation for work environment. This means nurses work less hours, have a smaller patient load, and are better supported by the hospitals and medical centers they work at. Meaning nurses in Rhode Island have good jobs and are happier than nurses working in other states.

The Pressures In The Nursing Industry

Currently, between the evolving healthcare debate in government, the burden of student loan debt, and the aging population, the nursing industry is facing a lot of challenges. With this industry instability and constant fluctuation, nurses face difficult challenges in their careers. States that are ranked high for nursing provide more stability and work satisfaction in these challenging times. Nurses, especially recent graduates need to understand the state variations to determine where the best place to pursue their career. Rhode Island’s high ranking makes it a great state to consider.

A State Of Opportunity for Nurses

Between the nationally-recognized Rhode Island Hospital, Women and Infants, and Hasbro’s Children’s Hospital, as well as the range of private clinics, medical centers, and nursing homes, there are a lot of great places for nurses to work in Rhode Island. These positions are highly desirable so there is a lot of competition for these jobs. However, once attained, the combination of good wages and a low cost of living, makes Rhode Island a great place to live, work, and settle into their careers. In Providence there are also some really great nursing schools like the St. Joseph School of Nursing and the School of Nursing at Rhode Island College and the University of Rhode Island for nurses to continue their education and advance in their careers. So if you are a nursing or considering a career change into nursing, Rhode Island is the perfect place for you to live. Though it may be more difficult to find a position than in other states, being ranked 4th in the nation for a great work environment, you can be assured that once you do get a position, it will be a dream job.  


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