cities to retire in Appearing in another top ten best cities list, Providence is now ranked as the fifth best city to retire in. The New York Times in coordination with Bankrate assessed cities across the United States and found that Providence has a variety of great benefits for retirees. They took into account a variety of factors that directly impact retirees and found that Providence is a great city to spend your golden years.

How The Top Ten Cities Were Decided

Bankrate did a massive survey of cities across the United States. They used a variety of metrics retirees to make their determination including:
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Access to quality medical care
  • Availability of reliable public transportation
  • Low crime rates
  • Favorable taxes
  • Good weather
  • The amount of retirees thriving in the community
All of these factors add up to a great lifestyle for senior citizens and Providence has them all.

Where Providence Stands Out For Retirees

In all of these factors, there are a few areas where Providence really stands out. The first is it has a low crime rate. Retirees are specifically vulnerable to crime because of their financial status and physical capabilities. Providence neighborhoods are safe for residents, especially those at high risk. The second factor was the access to medical care. As we’ve previously reported, we are one of the best cities for nurses to work because we have top-notch medical facilities that offer a variety of specialties including geriatrics. Providence offers high quality, affordable healthcare options for its residents. Having this access is crucial for retirees.

An Ideal Retirement Lifestyle

Furthermore, Providence offers easy access to commuter trains, but it also has an international airport for seniors who want to spend their retirement years traveling. There’s also an incredible food scene, with high-end delicacies to classic diners. No matter your tastes, you can find a great place to eat. Plus, there’s plenty to do here after dinner with a thriving arts scene and all the new development in Downcity. All of this great cultural access, without the hassle of living in a big city.

Other Factors That Makes Providence Ideal For Retirees

There were a few factors that reduced the ranking position of Providence on this list including the colder weather and lower population of retirees. However, those two items really are more a matter of preference than an influence on the quality of life of retirees. Providence ranks very high on the overall well-being index. Retirees living in Providence, overall have an active, healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, Providence is also one of the most affordable cities on the top ten list, especially considering the higher costs of most Northeast cities. Providence has affordable housing which is a must for retirees. Providence Is A Great City For All Its Residents What is especially interesting about ranking in the top ten cities for retirees, is that these factors also impact everyone who lives here. No matter what stage of life you are at, living in an affordable city, with a low crime rate and access to quality medical care is important. So even those of us who are not at retirement age still get to enjoy a great quality of life in Providence. You don’t have to be in your golden years to benefit from our great city.


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