Providence Is One Of The Meccas For Millennials

By mdblog - December 12, 2017
Providence Is One Of The Meccas For Millennials Millennials make up a significant segment of the workforce and the buying public today. Their large numbers mean that when they all agree on something, trends will form. And one thing that they might agree with is where to live. This is why so many cities in the country are trying to take steps to attract them. Growth in most areas occur in waves. Think of the population booms in cities like Seattle during the early and mid-nineties or Austin during the early and mid-2000s, and you'll see that when a community takes the time to create a lifestyle that will attract younger residents, its entire population demographic can shift. Many cities have already started a concerted effort to attract Millennials, including Providence Rhode Island. Some other examples include:
  • Boston Massachusetts - Boston is driving its facelift with a huge event - HUBweek. This festival is designed to attract plenty of groundbreakers thanks to its HUB festival site. The focus here is on the future, and millennials are going for it big.
  • Charleston South Carolina - Great seafood, a rich history, stunning beaches, and a unique culture all helped put Charleston on the map. And its quickly growing tech scene is adding jobs that millennials want to work in.
  • Orlando Florida - More than just a theme park city now, Orlando has one of the fastest growing job markets in the country and has spent millions revitalizing its downtown area to include easy transportation, large rentable spaces, a performing arts center, and more.
But of these, it's Providence that genuinely stands out as being a mecca for Millennials. In fact, it was recently named America's Coolest City by GQ magazine, highlighting the numerous things for young people to do and experience in the city. Just take a look at some of what Providence has to offer millennials to see what we mean:
  • A thriving culture and downtown scene including numerous James Beard restaurants, hip bars, and entertainment establishments to ensure that residents are never bored or without somewhere to go and something to do.
  • Multiple colleges such as Brown University, Johnson & Wales University and the Rhode Island School of Design make it easy to continue education, access new research, or connect with new talent if starting a business here.
  • New companies are bringing job opportunities such as - GE Digital, Johnson and Johnson, Infosys and even Virgin Pulse have all opened or are about to open locations in the city and hire regularly. In addition to Fortune 500 companies like CVS, Hasbro, and IGT with corporate headquarters here.
  • A revitalized commuter focus that makes it easier to get from point A to point B no matter how you choose to travel.
  • Local programs such as the Wavemaker Fellowship Program that provides financial aid to young people working in the STEM fields, making it easier to pay off student loans.
By providing excellent job opportunities, numerous educational institutions, and a wide range of downtown amenities, Providence has become one of the fastest growing cities in the country for young people. If you're looking for a great place to call home, it's a city that is well worth paying attention to.


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