Marketing Ideas For Selling Your Home In The Winter Even though Spring is the peak real estate season across the country, winter can still a great time to sell your home. Time reports that on average homes listed between December and February when there are fewer competing listings, tend to get more than their asking price and move off the market more quickly than homes sold in the spring and summer months. So if you are ready to sell your home there is no need to wait. Instead, consider marketing your home to the winter market with these smart tips.

Winterize Your Outdoor Landscaping

Providence winters are beautiful. The snow and ice can actually make your home look picturesque. However, in order to achieve a great first impression, you’ll need to winterize your outdoors. Start by clearing your landscape and adding some winter touches like evergreen plants, wreaths, and extra lighting. Also, make sure all the walkways to and from your home are cleared and salted, so that visitors don’t have to navigate through the snow or slip coming to your home.

Keep Your Home Warm And Cozy

Make sure to keep your thermostat up, so when potential buyers come in they feel a sense of relief from the cold. Also, add some warm and cozy touches around the home like warm throw blankets, extra pillows, and carpets. You can also make baked goods before the showing or add candles and other seasonal decorative accents. Anything that makes the home feel like a cozy retreat from the cold Rhode Island winters will make your home more attractive.

Add Lots Of Accent Lighting

During the winter, you have less sun so you will have to rely more on interior lighting to showcase the wonderful features of your home. During the day try to keep your windows open, but after dark, make sure to add accent lighting in any darker corners of your home. You can do this by adding extra lamps, but also you can simply upgrade the wattage on your light bulbs to make your home brighter and more inviting.

Take Some Picturesque Photographs

Nowadays everyone looks for their homes online, so a great marketing technique is to have beautiful photographs. Take pictures right after the first snow and with ideal lighting, to make your home look like a warm retreat from the cold. You can also set up moods and scenarios, like set your dining room table with a warm winter feast or light the fireplace in your living and add a stack of books. Stage photos that help potential clients imagine what it’s like to live in your wonderful home during the winter. Winter can still be a great time to sell your home in Rhode Island, with limited inventory and these simple tips, you’ll be able to take advantage of the beneficial real estate market. Think about these easy ways to warm up your home and make it a wonderful place to spend the beautiful Providence winters. Then you won’t have to wait until springtime to sell your home.


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