Innovation Is Driving Rhode Island Forward

By mdblog - March 10, 2016

Innovation is something that Americans have always embraced, and it’s always been a solid indicator of what the economy will be like in a given area since technology regularly drives forward results.

Recent reports from different sources have shown that Massachusetts is the leader in being the most innovative state out there, but Rhode Island is following it closely. In fact, it’s ranked 13th according to the Massachusetts Innovation Economy Annual Index, and places 14th on the Bloomberg State Innovation Index.

The studies use a variety of different metrics, but Rhode Island ranked highly in many of them. Here’s a quick breakdown of what the results showed for Rhode Island:

  • High Tech Density – 3rd
  • Productivity – 24th
  • Research And Development Intensity – 15th
  • Number of Citizens Holding Science or Engineering Degrees – 19th
  • Patent Activity – 32nd
  • STEM Concentration – 24th

So what does all of this mean, exactly? That Rhode Island residents are leading in plenty of areas, contributing greatly to technology, medical sciences, and more. And that translates to better overall economic stability, better health care, and better quality of life for residents of the state.

While Massachusetts ranks first – with California in a very close second – There’s no question that Rhode Island residents have something to be proud of in our devotion to leading in innovation.


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