How To Sell Your Home Faster

By mdblog - May 02, 2012
In our previous blog post, we talked about NOW being the best time to purchase a property. We talked about it being in the potential buyer’s best interest to nab their dream home before interest rates increase and the market improves. However, in an economy where short sales and foreclosures prevail, how can a seller compete? wrote an article titled “5 Ways to Sell a Home Faster, For More Money” referenced by 24/7 Wall St.   In this article, real estate experts and organizations assessed how sellers can sell their property at the best price in the shortest timeframe. Here are the 5 ways: Image 1. Curb Appeal-  Remember how important first impressions were in high school? Well, take that concept and apply it to real estate. When someone walks towards your home, they have to see themselves coming home from work everyday and feel good about it. Make sure the driveway is in good condition, the porch is inviting and the exterior looks freshly painted. 2. Pricing It Right-  Make sure to set a realistic price from the beginning. If you overprice, your house will be sitting on the market for a while. And the more it sits, the more unattractive it looks to any potential homebuyer. 3. Going Green Goes A Long Way-  Not only does becoming more energy efficient make you feel like a good Samaritan, it’s also  cost effective  for the buyer. If your home has energy-efficient windows or appliances, then advertise it! Image 4. Great Photographs-  What stands in the way of having your property disregarded or looked over online? Using a highly pixelated shot or an outrageous picture angle as your feature photo. states that more than 6,300 photos are viewed per minute on its site so make sure your photos are professional and clean. 5. Move-In Ready-  Have a leaky faucet? Are your  children’s  toys all over the living room floor? Make sure to have your home as presentable as possible. Anything that poses as a distraction might get in the way of your homebuyers envisioning themselves living there. All in all, what short sale and foreclosure properties can’t offer is the TLC that went into showing a potential homebuyer that your home is what they’ve been searching for. In other words, it comes down to aesthetics and maintenance. And for the right person, they’ll take “finding the right fit” over “strike while the iron is hot” any day.


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