A Handy Checklist Of Things To Do Before You Move Into Your New Home Once you’ve finished the long process of closing on your new home, you may be excited to just begin settling in. However, there are some basic maintenance items that are easier to do in an empty home. Here’s a checklist of tasks we recommend accomplishing before you start moving in:

Deep Clean The House

Deep cleaning a house from top to bottom is much easier when you are not navigating around your boxes. Though most sellers hire professional cleaners before selling their home, it’s a good idea to give the space a once over so that the cleanliness meets your specific standards.

Service Any Appliances

Even if the appliances are new, it’s a good idea to have technicians come before you move in to make sure everything’s clean and in good working order. Then you won’t have to worry about having people come in and out of your home while you manage the chaos of moving. It will also make ensure that you can enjoy your first couple of weeks in your new home without dealing with major appliance breakdowns.

Do Any Major Decorating

If you want to change the flooring, paint colors, or add features like crown molding you should do it before you move in. It is much easier to make these upgrades to your decor when you don’t have to worry about protecting your possession from the renovation. Also, if you plan on hanging blinds or curtains, it’s a good idea to do that as well before you move in to ensure your privacy.

Add Any Necessary Storage

Even if you are moving into a bigger home, it’s a good idea to plan your storage ahead of time. Add shelving to your closets, pantry, garage, or basement where necessary. Adding this storage will ensure that when you unpack you’ll have somewhere to put everything. That way you can start your new life in your new home completely organized.

Make Any Electrical Upgrades

Whether you want to replace the ceiling lights or simply change the switch plates, it’s a great idea to do any of these changes before you move into your home. Doing electrical work requires turning off the power, so if you do it before you are living in your space, you won’t be inconveniencing anyone.

Change The Locks

Changing the locks is an important step when moving into a home. Your buyers may have given you the keys, but you never know who may also have a key. Changing the locks will prevent anyone you don’t know from entering your new home. Following this checklist will not only make your unpacking process smoother, it will also give you peace of mind that everything is taken care of and you can just relax and enjoy your new home.


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