Get Ready For Thanksgiving Without Losing Your Mind

By stephanie - November 12, 2015
[caption id="attachment_4411" align="aligncenter" width="628"]Flickr: Satya Murthy Flickr: Satya Murthy[/caption] Such a festive time of year. The turkey roasting in the oven, the whole family gathered together to share a great meal and express gratitude for the year’s blessings… Ok, let’s be a bit more realistic: Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of year when the whole family gathers together to share a great meal, great wine, and juicy gossip. If you’d like to focus on the delicious food and family bonding this Thanksgiving instead of the cooking, endless clean-up, and the daunting task of ensuring that your stylish and sophisticated holiday tablescape impresses all your guests, you may want to consider enlisting the experts. What better way to ensure that your holiday hosting skills go down in family history? Let’s start with the most important part. The food. Call (401) 383-3631 right now. Pranzi Catering and Events will leave the fun part – the menu – up to you, and then proceed to take on all the drudge work and stressful details themselves. You get to call the shots with what’s really important, but you won’t have to bother with all of the tiresome details or (heaven forbid!) the actual cooking. [caption id="attachment_4413" align="aligncenter" width="762"]Instagram: Studio 539 Flowers Instagram: Studio 539 Flowers[/caption] Pranzi Catering will create a tablescape that will blow your mind and impress your family and friends. But don't neglect the all-important seasonal details. Pick up some half-price pumpkins from East Side Marketplace or Dave's Marketplace to bring a bit of autumn to your décor. And since no celebration is complete without a beautiful seasonal floral centerpiece, be sure to order yours from Studio 539 Flowers or Jephry Floral Studio. But what about the clean up? Pranzi staff will take care of the meal-related clean-up, but you'll still want someone to give your home a thorough once-over before your Thanksgiving guests begin pouring in. Since the holiday festivities are bound to leave your fleetingly spotless home an absolute wreck, you’ll also want someone to come in after the big day to restore some order to the chaos. Here are some great options to try: Do Thanksgiving right this year with a little help from your own personal army of local event-planning experts. When it comes to everything you’ll need to make your Thanksgiving gathering a huge success, Providence is bursting with talent.


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