This month we spoke to Stephanie Issa, entrepreneur and creative director of Studio Issa--a Providence-based consulting firm that works with clients on marketing, design and art direction.

Stephanie began her career working as a freelancer for several business owners around the Providence area. With a passion for online marketing and strategic design, she sought after opportunities to showcase the professional efforts of innovators and leaders around the area.


An expat from New York City, Stephanie took advantage of Providence's small, yet thriving entrepreneurial community. When asked about her first few months in Rhode Island, she said: "At first, it was really difficult to find young professionals in the area. I was told that I would soon find my niche, but it would take some time."

Rhode Island had been making national headlines over the past few years or so for its efforts on strengthening the entrepreneurial environment, such as Betaspring and the Founder's League.   Both of these initiatives work towards providing support to up-and-coming  entrepreneurs by offering a platform for mentorship and development.

Stephanie made it clear that she wasn't a part of either program, but she most certainly attended the networking events and meet-ups. In fact, it was through personal invitation by her network of entrepreneur she had begun developing.

"I learned the start-up process by actively getting involved with the local community of Brown grad and PhD students, as well as local business owners. Many of my friends are working for themselves, or are working towards it. I know that if I had stayed in NYC, I wouldn't have had these circumstances in my favor."

When asked what her future goals are for her business, Stephanie stated that she built her business strategy around leaders in her community. "Studio Issa focuses on helping entrepreneurs and leaders bring their content and thought leadership front and center," she says.

Meet Stephanie 

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 4.55.03 PMGet in touch with Stephanie!

Via email at [email protected]

Or phone at (646) 397-9039

To learn more about Studio Issa or to schedule a time to meet with her and her team, visit,   or like their Facebook Page.


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