questions to ask your realtor Whether you are a first-time home buyer or moving into your forever home, purchasing a house is a very complicated process. Luckily, the Providence Real Estate Guy, Jim DeRentis is here to help. Jim knows more than just where to find your perfect home, he can advise on everything from the local housing market to offering guidance during an inspection to helping you reduce your closing costs. Jim is your very best asset to understanding every piece of this complex process. To help you get started, here are five of the best questions to ask:
  1. What Is The Market Like In This Neighborhood?

Whether you are looking for a walkable neighborhood with amazing food like Federal Hill; looking for a place to raise your family like Elmhurst; or simply love the hustle and bustle of Downcity, the neighborhood you choose matters. However, neighborhood location is important not only for your desired lifestyle but for your home’s long-term value. A neighborhood that is in decline will impact your new home’s value down the line. Fortunately, the home values in the East Side of Providence have been steadily increasing, making these popular areas great places to invest.
  1. Can I Get “Comps”?

Comparable sales, also known as “comps,” is a list of the homes that are for sale or have been recently sold in a neighborhood. Comps will compare the details of the home you are interested in similar homes in the area. These details can be useful for helping you understand if the home has a fair listing price. Jim DeRentis offers a free market analysis, just fill out the contact form on his website.
  1. Why Are The Current Homeowners Selling?

Knowing why the homeowner is selling can give you a lot of important information. If they are selling because they are relocating, they’ll probably want to close quickly. This can be great news for you, because it will help you move into your dream home faster. If they are selling because the maintenance of the home is too much work, you may want to factor that into your decision before committing. Jim works with both buyers and sellers, so he can help you gain these valuable insights before you put in an offer.
  1. What’s Included With The Home Purchase?

A common mistake home buyers make is assuming that a home will come as is when it comes to appliances and fixtures. However, often times the seller will take these pieces with them when they move out. Check and make sure that the chandelier you love in the foyer or the brand new stainless steel appliances are included. If they are not, don’t despair. Jim may be able to negotiate including them in the sale of the home.
  1. How Much Are Property Taxes And Utilities?

Homes have costs beyond just the mortgage. Providence has many charming, one-of-a-kind historic homes which may require more care and maintenance than a brand new development. Also if you are moving from a warmer region of the country, it is important to consider winter heating costs. Before making an offer on any home, make sure to ask about the taxes, utilities, and maintenance costs. Jim will give you this information when showing the home and can help you calculate your total monthly expenditures. He can also advise on how old the roof, major mechanical systems, and appliances are to help you understand if there will be additional future costs to consider. Fortunately, Providence is ranked as one of the top ten most affordable cities for homeowners, so these costs won’t break the bank. These five questions will help you get the information you need to make an informed decision. Another good question to ask Jim is what questions you should ask. Jim believes in informing and empowering his clients so they can find the perfect Providence home for their needs. He’ll be happy to help you ask all the right questions before making an offer.


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