When it comes to the world of real estate, the saying “you can’t read a book by its cover” doesn’t apply.


When your real estate agent mentions the term “curb appeal,” they are referring to the visual attractiveness of your property. If well kept, the exterior of your home — your driveway, lawn, landscaping, fencing, and the house itself — is what will drive potential buyers to see what things are like inside. 


If you’re planning on selling your home in Providence, curb appeal is crucial. Your interior could look immaculate, but buyers will use the appearance of the outside of your home to determine their perceived value of your property. The better your house looks from the outside, the more inclined they’ll be to ask for a viewing.

Increase Your ROI

Keeping your home exterior well maintained will ensure a significant ROI when the time comes for you to start selling. Recently, a study in the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics found that 88,980 properties in Denver’s Metropolitan area with higher curb appeal sold for roughly 7% more than other houses with unkempt or unappealing exteriors. In real estate markets with fewer listings, the value of homes with high curb appeal rise to 14% higher. 


Still not convinced?


Research shows that good landscaping can afford you a substantial price advantage over other properties without any landscaping at all. A well-landscaped home may get you 5.5-12.7% more than its original value.

How to Improve Your Curb Appeal

No matter the age of your home or the size of your budget, there are plenty of ways to improve the exterior and garner plenty of positive attention from potential buyers. Consider doing some of the following projects to add value to your property before you put it on the market:


Landscaping refers to the improvement and maintenance of your lawn and greenery. Simple tasks like mowing and watering the lawn, trimming your bushes, de-weeding your yard, and planting flowers are a quick way to make your home look neat and organized. Although they seem like typical weekly gardening chores, they can have a significant effect on how others perceive your property. If you have money to spend, consider hiring a professional landscaper to create an easily maintainable and aesthetically pleasing yard that will attract buyers in droves. 

Exterior Paint

Stand at the curb and take a look at your home with a critical eye.  Is there chipping, peeling paint? Has the front door color faded from the weather or the sun?  By making a modest investment on exterior paint you will instantly add to your home’s curb appeal.  A fresh door knocker, lockset or mail slot cover will also signal to a prospective buyer that yours is a well- maintained home.

Update Your Driveway

When it comes to increasing curb appeal, the driveway is something homeowners often overlook. Your driveway should be clutter-free — that means no garbage, bins, or toys in plain sight. It should also be free of significant oil stains, cracks, or weeds. For the easiest clean, rent, or purchase a power washer to clear your driveway of stains and caked-on dirt. If your driveway needs repairs, getting it fixed is well worth it. 

Spruce up Your Garage

Updating your garage door is an effective way to add style and curb appeal to your Providence home. If you don’t have too much of a budget to work with, a simple paint job will make your door look brand new, and erase any visible scuffs. Just make sure the color you use compliments the rest of your home. If you want to add color to your garage, use muted tones. Neon probably won’t win your home any favor on the market. If you’re willing to spend the money, replacing your garage door with a better quality one is a great idea. Homeowners who replace their garage doors typically receive a 94.5% ROI

Fix Your Roof

Is your roof over 20 years old? It may be time to climb up and see whether your roof needs replacements. Roofs can last up to 50 years, but this lifespan can vary depending on the materials and environmental conditions. It’s one thing to have a dirty or cluttered roof — a good gutter cleaning usually does the trick in this case. But if your shingles are cracked, it’s time to hire a roofer for repairs.

Add New Features

A few simple exterior additions can make your home look brand new. Take a look around your property and make a checklist of what could use additions or replacement. Some tasks include buying a new mailbox, adding new outdoor lights, or repainting or replacing your fence or front deck. Looking to add some classic New England flare to your property? Try painting your door a classic navy blue, or a bold, vibrant red.


In New England, curb appeal can have a significant impact on your final selling price, but you can decide how much you want to invest in improvements. Review your property’s exterior with your realtor and create a list of improvements that could increase your curb appeal. Determine which tasks are must-dos and get to work!



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