6 outstanding properties The real estate market has been on a steady recovery for the last several years, and in Rhode Island it’s no exception. In particular, the East Side of Providence has posted a very good year thus far – thanks in large part to its variety of very desirable properties that stand out on the market. We think it’s worth taking a look at some of the big standout properties sold this year in the region. Doing so can help you see just how great the markets really are.

78 East Orchard Avenue, Providence

The fourth sale in the area of more than 1 million was this property – the historic J. Henry Thorpe House. The property sold for more than $1.3 million and is listed on the national Register of Historic Places. It features stunning architecture, modern amenities, and one third acre of gardens. All in all, the deal is just another in a long chain of high-value historic home sales in Providence.

130 Prospect Street, Providence

130 prospect stThis home is a shining example of classic architecture, embodying the overall feel of the region’s history in a big way. The property sold for more than $1.3 million. It is also nearly 6,000 square feet, with 5 beds and 4.2 baths throughout its interior and tucked away behind wrought iron gates. This home stands out due to its quick turnover time – it was sold incredibly quickly after being listed on the market, showing just how strong the real estate market is here today.

100 Prospect Street, Providence

100 Prospect StreetJust down the road from the property above is the Henry Sprague House. This property sold for more than $1.4 million, and was picked up quickly upon hitting the market. It’s famous for being the location of the house in the classis HP Lovecraft story “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”, and is the ninth sale exceeding $1 million in the East Side of Providence this year alone.

123 Blackstone Boulevard, Providence

123 blackstoneThis property was the 8th $1 million sale in the area, and is a historic Colonial Revival style home built in 1914. However, it’s been completely renovated with modern amenities including new appliances, wiring, and more. The home sold for $1.9 million, and was sold quickly after being listed in the open market.

254 Wayland Avenue, Providence

254 WAYLAND AVCurrently pending a sale, this $1.6 million home features 15,360 square feet and a classic old-world style Victorian architecture that looks straight out of the movies. With stained glass windows, modern updates, and manicured lawns and gardens, it’s yet another example of why historic properties sell so well in the Providence region – and an example of how strong the markets are today.

25 Balton Road, Providence

25 baltonThis is the standout sell in the East Side of Providence, which sold for $3.8 million. The property is not only the highest sale in the East Side of Providence this year, but the second highest sale ever in the area. The property is the historic Frederick E. and Albina Bodell House, an English Manor home and one of the final East Side estates to be found. Modern updates and immaculate grounds helped this property stand out in a big way, and stand as a testament to what is so attractive about these properties. In short, the East Side of Providence is leading the way in the continual growth of the RI markets thanks to beautiful historic homes like these. For more information on current East Side listings, visit our website.


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