A Guided Tour Of The East Side Of Providence

By mdblog - June 12, 2018
If you’ve ever imagined living in a cultural center with a rich history, the East Side of Providence is ideal. Known as the home of world-class universities like RISD, Brown, the Moses Brown School, and the Wheeler School, this unique area attracts residents from all over the world. Founded back in 1636, the East Side of Providence is one of the oldest areas in the country and offers architectural

Millennials Are Finally Entering The Housing Market But Skipping Starter Homes

By mdblog - May 29, 2018
Following the 2008 crash, Millennials had opted out of buying houses. With economic instability, high unemployment rates, and mortgage regulations, many were unable to purchase starter homes. However, with the upswing of the market, millennials are finally starting to enter the real estate market. Many of these millennials are making up for lost time and skipping starter homes entirely. They are

Own A Piece Of New England’s History With These Gorgeous Colonial Revival Homes

By mdblog - May 02, 2018
If you’ve ever dreamed of finding a Colonial Revival in the wonderful neighbors in the East Side of Providence, look no further. These stately homes have all the historic charm of this traditional architecture style with plenty of modern amenities. They are situated in pristine neighborhoods with full access to all the great restaurants and shopping, parks, and landmarks of the East Side. What Is

Rhode Island Home Prices Up 13% In March

By mdblog - May 01, 2018
The Rhode Island market is having a banner year so far in 2018. Providence Business News is reporting that the median price of a single-family home has risen 13% from last year. The average price was $265,000 dollars, the highest value since 2007 before the housing market crash. The increased prices were also seen across all categories including multifamily homes which rose 29% to $225,000 and co

Providence Ranked as the #8 Best City in America for Working Women

By mdblog - April 10, 2018
The Providence Business News has reported that a recent study conducted by Magnify Money, an independent financial consultancy firm, ranked the 50 largest cities in the United States for working women. After running the numbers, researchers found that Providence ranks number 8 in the nation. Providence is the only city in New England to rank in the top fifteen, with Hartford, Connecticut coming a

Rhode Island Jumps To 9th Best Economy In One Year

By mdblog - March 26, 2018
An annual study published by Business Insider ranks every state economy in the United States. This year, Providence Business News reports that Rhode Island has jumped from number 33 to number 9 on the list. This major jump is the result of sound economic policies across the state that have led to a turnaround after the recession. How State Economies Are Ranked Business Insider uses a variety of m

A Handy Checklist Of Things To Do Before You Move Into Your New Home

By mdblog - February 28, 2018
Once you’ve finished the long process of closing on your new home, you may be excited to just begin settling in. However, there are some basic maintenance items that are easier to do in an empty home. Here’s a checklist of tasks we recommend accomplishing before you start moving in: Deep Clean The House Deep cleaning a house from top to bottom is much easier when you are not navigating around you

How Providences Walkability Can Help You Build Wealth

By mdblog - February 22, 2018
Walkable cities like Providence have numerous benefits for their residents. Walkability provides convenience, a healthy lifestyle, and neighborhood pride. According to the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU), there are also immense economic benefits to walkable neighborhoods. A recent study showed that homes in walkable neighborhoods build $448,217 more in equity than homes that require transportatio

Homeownership On The Rise Nationwide For The First Time Since 2004

By mdblog - February 19, 2018
According to the Wall Street Journal, for the first time in 13 years homeownership is up. After the housing market crash nearly a decade ago, this increase in homeownership shows that the market is finally starting to recover. It also shows that the federal government programs to boost ownership worked and the market is back on track. As a result, in 2017, homeownership went from 63.4% in 2016, t

Tips For Preparing Your Home For The Cold Weather

By mdblog - January 11, 2018
With massive winter storm cells affecting much of the country, including the Northeast recently, we may see more weather extremes before winter is over. As homeowners, it is essential we take extra care this year to winterize our homes to protect them from the damaging effects of the cold. Here are some tips for preparing your home for the cold New England weather: Prepare Your Heating System Sta


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